3 Ways To Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail

Finding out that your loved one is in jail can send you through a whirlwind of emotions, especially when they are the breadwinner of the family. You start panicking trying to figure out how you are going to pay the bills and what you can do to get them out of jail. Thankfully, there are a few options available to help you out. Instead of stressing over every little detail, turn to one of the following to help get your loved one back home quickly and easily.

Cash Bail

Cash bail tends to be the last resort for most individuals. This requires your having to pay the full amount of their bail to get them out and back home. If their bail is $10,000, you have to go to the jail with the full amount to get them out. Most of the time, people don't have the full amount to get their loved ones out, so they have to turn to the next option of a bail bondsmen.

Bail Bondsmen

With bail bondsmen, you typically only have to put up 10% of the bond. If their bond is $10,000, you simply pay the bondsmen $1,000 and they put up a surety bond to get your loved one out. However, they need to go to all of their hearings and follow through on the case. Otherwise, you could be left having to pay the full amount to the bondsmen when they skip town. Bondsmen will often take items of value to help lower the amount out of your pocket as well. Anything from jewelry to firearms, vehicles and more can be used. Discuss this option with a bondsman like those at A+ McCoy's Bail Bonding.

Personal Recognizance Bond

A personal recognizance bond is when the judge lets you out of jail on your word that you are going to come back when you are supposed to. Not following through on this could get you in trouble and have a warrant issued for your arrest. This is typically the case when it is the first offense and it isn't anything too serious.

Only you can determine which one of the following is going to apply to your specific situation. Everyone is different. Every case is different. What might not work for some will work for others. Take the time to go through the options to determine what way you need to proceed. In doing so, you can quickly put an end to their being and jail and work on the next step in the case.