How Can You Become a Bail Bondsman?

If you are interested in becoming a bail bondsman, you may wonder what the process is like and how quickly you can get started. To run a bail bond agency, you must be licensed. Each state has different requirements for this licensure, though most have a similar process which will be discussed presently. 

However, you may wonder why someone would want to be a bail bondsman. The answer is simple: it is lucrative. To bail someone out of jail, concerned friends and family members will come to you seeking a large sum of money. To get that amount, they will have to pay you a percentage (usually about 15%) and offer some sort of collateral. Once the person's bail has been paid and they attend their court dates, the court will return the bail money and you will get it back in addition to the 15% you already collected. 

The basic steps to becoming a bail bondsman are as follows.

1. Meet Basic Requirements

Most states will not allow you to become a bail bondsman if you are facing or have faced a felony in your lifetime. You are also not allowed to currently be working in law enforcement since this could be a conflict of interest. 

2. Get Education

The education for getting licensed is usually 2–3 days of classes that will prepare you for the exam to follow. You will need to have a current photo ID. Make sure that the organization you are taking classes from offers the licensure that you want. 

3. Fill Out the Paperwork

You will then fill out some paperwork to apply for your licensure exam. Along with this paperwork comes a fee of a few hundred dollars that will be required to take the exam. 

4. Take the Exam

Once you have completed your classwork and studied a bit, you should be ready to pass your exam with flying colors. The exam you take will depend on which state you apply in, though they all have relatively the same information. Each will prepare you to become a bail bondsman. 

5. Get Your License

Having passed your exam, you will be licensed as a bail bondsman! Offering licensed bail bonds gives you more credibility, and will be good for your business. 

In conclusion, it is not extremely difficult to become a bail bondsman, and it may be a great career that you will really enjoy. After all, a bail bonds person makes an average of $40,288 a year. Research your state licensure criteria and contact various licensed bail bond agencies to learn more.