Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Commit To Help Someone Post Bond

Helping someone who has been arrested to post bond by visiting a bail bonds agency on his or her behalf is something that you might do without hesitation if the person in trouble with the law is a loved one. However, it's always a smart idea to avoid getting wrapped up in the emotion of the moment and take a few minutes to evaluate whether you wish to get involved. Speaking to a bail bonds agency about the process can help you better understand your responsibilities and risks in providing this type of assistance. [Read More]

What to Do When the New Year Brings Holiday Bills

The holidays are often an expensive time for most people, especially people with large families or with children. If you went a little overboard on your holiday shopping or traveling this year, you may find yourself dreading the new year that is swiftly approaching because it will bring your holiday bills along with it. Before you panic and try to bury your head in the sand to avoid the day your holiday bills, get to know some of the ways that you can better handle the situation and get those bills taken care of as quickly and painlessly as possible. [Read More]

FAQs About Selecting A Health Agent For A Health Directive

Part of estate planning should include choosing someone to serve as a health agent. If you fail to specifically list someone in your health directive as an agent, your state's laws will be observed. If you have yet to name an agent or are in the process of creating a directive, here is what you need to know.  What Is a Health Agent? A health agent is the person who is responsible for carrying out the wishes of your health directive. [Read More]

5 Misconceptions About Offshore Banking

Perhaps you are considering putting some of your funds into offshore accounts. If you are like many people, you may be somewhat hesitant about this idea. However, you may be misunderstanding offshore banking which is resulting in irrational fears about putting your money on foreign soil. In fact, here are 5 misconceptions about offshore banking. Limited Locations When you think of offshore banking, you might be thinking of a handful of locations that are commonly mentioned with the subject, such as Switzerland, Cayman Islands, the Virgin Islands, and Hong Kong. [Read More]