Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Commit To Help Someone Post Bond

Helping someone who has been arrested to post bond by visiting a bail bonds agency on his or her behalf is something that you might do without hesitation if the person in trouble with the law is a loved one. However, it's always a smart idea to avoid getting wrapped up in the emotion of the moment and take a few minutes to evaluate whether you wish to get involved. Speaking to a bail bonds agency about the process can help you better understand your responsibilities and risks in providing this type of assistance. However, before you make that phone call, it's beneficial to be introspective and consider your answers to the following three questions.

Would This Person Do The Same For Me?

It's important to be able to set emotions aside and make accurate assessments about the questions you're asking yourself. Sure, you might like the idea of helping the person during his or her time of need, but try to truly evaluate whether you feel the person would reciprocate if you ever found yourself in this situation. Thinking about this question can help you identify whether your relationship with the person is a two-way street; if you feel that you're constantly the person who is giving and the other person isn't putting effort into the relationship, you might be wise to avoid getting involved in the bail process.

Do I Trust This Person To Attend Court?

The primary concern with posting bail for someone who isn't reliable is the turmoil you'll experience if the person decides to skip court and leave town. When this issue occurs, you have a legal responsibility that could result in you having to pay the bail bonds agency back for its lost bond. This is a significant financial burden for many people to face, so it's crucial that you evaluate whether you trust the person to fulfill his or her legal obligations. If you know that the person is fully trustworthy, you can move forward with helping to secure the bond with more confidence.

Am I Posting Bail For The Wrong Reason?

It's typically best to post bail for someone with whom you have a close relationship and you know that the person wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the legal agreement you've made. However, there are times in which an individual might help out someone else for the wrong reason. For example, are you concerned that the person could harm you if you don't help out? Are you trying to do a favor to someone with whom you are estranged feel closer to you? These aren't ideal reasons to post bail.

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