Two Reasons to Use a Bail Bonds Agent

If you've never been behind bars before, you may not think that it could happen to you. The thought might seem so far removed that you dismiss it any time the topic comes up. However, you never know which direction life will take you in and even the best of people could find themselves in a cell. The best thing to do is prepare yourself so you'll be ready to tackle the situation without giving up. If you're ever in jail for any reason and need to make bail, find out why you should call a bonds agent.

Avoid Raising Suspicion with a Bail Bonds Service

The bail amount set for you by the judge varies depending on many different circumstances. Prior arrests or tickets, the severity of the crime and other factors go into play when the courts are determining how much you will need to pay to be released. When you hear the price you might be relieved because you have that amount on hand and can easily take care of it. Although this may be your first thought you might want to think again. Paying thousands of dollars to secure your release could cause the kind of scrutiny that you would much rather avoid.

For example, say your bond is set at $20,000. The only issue is that the median checking account balance for U.S. households is $3,400. If you can simply reach into your account and pull out $20,000 this could potentially lead to an investigation into your finances. While you probably have nothing to hide, you wouldn't want to risk having your accounts frozen for an extended period of time while the court system completes the investigation.

Pay a Percentage of the Fee with a Bail Agent

Bonds agents traditionally only charge a set percentage of the total amount of your bail. When you work with them, you'll be able to hold onto more of your own money that you might need to use for legal or other expenses in the future. This might be important to you if you have other things to pay for, such as medical bills from an accident or a lawyer to address your case.

Bail agents make themselves available day and night to assist people who need help. If those steel bars ever close behind you, get on the phone and contact a local bail bonds agent right away.